Introducing our very own version of vegan strawberry ice cream with soy milk – for those of you looking to relieve yourselves from giving into the unhealthy demands of kids. It’s primarily just yum and feels like the classic Indian softee, only much much healthier and easier to prepare. Try this once and you’ll be pleased with yourself for creating a much loved and healthier version that satisfies your children’s sweet tooth demand. No strawberry syrup, but the real thing that will give your kids a straight shot of vitamin c, fibre and antioxidants. Using brown instead of white sugar cuts out the unhealthy sugar calories and the soy milk is a no brainer, health-wise. Indulge in guilt-free pleasure!


PREP 3 hours 10 minutes



½ kg fresh strawberries
5 tablespoons brown sugar
1 can coconut milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 pack soy milk


Mix all the ingredients together in a blender and mix until it is smooth in texture.

Transfer to a freezing container and place in your freezer for 30 mins.

Remove and churn thoroughly to get rid of any ice lumps. Now, return to the freezer and repeat this process until the ice cream firms up (3 hours).

Serve topped with fresh strawberries.

Simply divine!

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