Calling all gooey chocolate lovers! Make your kitchen your haven. There’s something about this chocolate oozing dessert that makes it irresistible at any time. The outer crust well defined, the chocolate filled centre, the complimenting vanilla ice cream is mouth watering just to read, let alone eat. Almost life a good romance, this dessert flaunts hot and firm on the outside and soft and mushy on the inside. No matter what you serve before, serve this at the end and your guests will leave content. This five star dessert never fails to impress and here’s our sure shot recipe to master this incredibly mind blowing cake.


PREP 60 mins

SERVES 9 (if each one eats one)


250g butter
½ cup cocoa powder
200g dark chocolate, cut into small pieces
200g sugar
4 eggs and 4 yolks
200g plain flour


Melt 50g of the butter.

Take out your moulds and using upward strokes brush the melted butter all around the inside of each mould.

Put the moulds in the freezer until the butter freezes.

Now, brush more melted butter over the chilled butter.

Add a spoonful of cocoa powder into the mould and tip the mould to each side to ensure that the powder completely covers the butter.

Repeat with every mould. Set aside

Take a pan of water and wait until the water is simmering.

Now, take a bowl and place over the pan and melt the chocolate and remaining butter together. Once melted, remove bowl from the heat and stir until thoroughly combined. Let it cool.

Take a separate bowl and whisk the eggs, yolk and sugar together until thick.

Sift the flour into the egg mixture and beat together.

Now, pour the chocolate and butter mixture into the egg and flour mixture and beat until thoroughly combined to form cake batter.

Once your batter is ready, pour it equally into each mould. Bake in the over for 10-12 mins on 200 degrees C.

Once you see the top of the fondant forming a crust and moving away from the sides of the mould, you know it’s ready and should be removed from the oven.

Allow to cool for 1 minute and then turn it out.

Your fondant is ready! Serve it with a side of vanilla ice cream and behold the magic of your creation.

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